Ideas for Serving Coffee at a Party

Do you love to throw parties and have friends over for the weekend? If you are one of those hosting souls, you must have several articles on hosting ideas bookmarked on your phone. Hosting might become monotonous if you do not introduce anything new to your parties. Guests love to be served with clever ideas.

If your friends are as obsessed with coffee as you are, then you are in luck! We have got some fantastic ideas for serving coffee at a party. Yes, of course, there is a standard way to pour coffee in the mugs and serve them. However, doing everything a tad bit different is always exciting. When you try and do something different or out of the way for your guests, you become their favorite host. Meanwhile, if you need high-quality non-stick cookware for your party, choose the trusted anolon cookware.

Ideas for Serving Coffee 

If you are a DIY person, you can put together the items yourself or upcycle many things from your kitchen and creatively use them.

1. Setting up a Coffee Bar 


Setting up a coffee bar is the most creative way to encourage self-serving at your party while maintaining elegance.

  • First of all, pick up a nice cozy spot that is easily accessible and probably has a cupboard near it. Have all your coffee-related items stacked nearby. Use trays to set some things, such as coffee mugs or sugar containers.
  • You can also DIY a pegboard with hooks on it to hang all the cups. You can call it the cup station.
  • Stack up on saucers next to this coffee cup station. Your guests can collect a cup and its saucer from the same place.
  • Use blackboard stickers or small boards for marking the areas. Write in stylish writing using colorful chalks to bring some life to the blackboard.
  • Next is the coffee setup. For this, you need to set your espresso machine plugged in into a nearby socket and ready to use. An essential rule about setting up a coffee bar is to have all the coffee beans, milk, sugar, and coffee add-ins, such as cinnamon, chocolate powder, and syrups, stocked up in advance. It would be best if you didn’t run out of any ingredients in the middle of the party.
  • Decorating the coffee bar is also mandatory to complete the whole setup. You can use transparent canisters filled up with coffee beans right next to the coffee machine. Also, place coffee creamers and battery-operated coffee whisks to up the game.
  • Search for coffee coasters in a store near you or online, and stack them up for your guests.
  • Line up your Keurig cups in a tray, or you can get vertical stands with a lazy Susan beneath them so that your guests can choose the flavors.

2. Iced Coffee Rolling Cart 

Another trendy and unique idea to serve coffee is to introduce a rolling cart. Also, remember that hot coffee is not the only option. Cold coffee is also a hit amongst guests. For this, take out a rolling cart and place items related to cold coffee on the shelves. You can line up cups with a glass full of straws for the cold coffee.

3. Introduce Some Coffee Snacks


Another great way of serving coffee is to prepare some coffee snacks for munching with coffee. You can serve little coffee treats such as donuts, bit-sized coffee cookies, or even slices of coffee cake. This idea is an instant hit among the guests as warm coffee cakes and biscuits taste delicious with the coffee.

4. Customize the Paper Cups 

Another thing you can do to set your hosting apart from others is to customize your paper cups with cute printed stickers. If you are hosting a housewarming party or celebrating any other milestone of your life with your loved ones, print the theme on paper and stick it on the cups.

5. Coffee Bean Candles 


You can also fill small tequila cups with coffee beans and place small tea candles in them. It creates a warm and cozy coffee aroma that is mesmerizing. Place these candle jars in every tray with coffee cups when serving to your guests. The coffee aroma is soothing and very relaxing.

6. Monogram Toppings 


Okay, so this might be a bit over-the-top idea that you might consider in big parties because you have to hire a barista for it. However, if you have the talent of decorating your coffee in stylish ways, then you can do it for your guests too. Have the party’s theme displayed on top of your guests’ coffee with cocoa shavings or foam.

7. Create a Coffee Nook 


Whether your guests are book lovers or not, it is always a great idea to dedicate a little nook for your guests to enjoy coffee while reading books. You can have plush cushions stacked up in the corner with scented candles and lamps. It is best if you create this nook near a bookshelf or cabinet so that your guests can enjoy reading while sipping coffee if they want to.

8. Go Rustic 


For creating a rustic theme, go for wooden trays and serving boards. You can also use flowers and coffee beans sparingly on the trays and boards to create a royal look. Cut out the words “coffee bar” on cardboard and wrap it with a rustic-looking wrapping sheet. Place the letters on the table in front of the coffee machine.

9. Industrial Look 


You can get a French press coffee maker for brewing fresh coffee for your guests. French press looks so elegant sitting on the countertop. Place filters and fresh coffee beans around the table, and your industrial look is complete.

10. Coffee Recipes 


Knowledge is the best gift you can give to anybody. You can have the recipes of various kinds of coffee printed on beautifully decorated paper and place them on the tray. Your guests can pick up the flyers and get to know their coffee better. You can have a step-by-step coffee-making illustration printed and distributed.

11. Pre-Party Coffee Shots 


Besides the coffee served in cups, you can get small glasses for your guests’ pre- or during-party coffee shots. These coffee shots can keep your guests hooked up on the caffeine throughout the party. This is the best idea if you have many activities lined up and want your guests to be active all the time.

Coffee is the Heart of the Party 

Nothing beats the classic espresso coffee served with many coffee snacks. You can use three-tier trays to serve snacks with chocolate dip. Coffee lovers are easy to please as they appreciate the classics and minimal setup.