Learn the Interesting History of Swizzle Sticks

Three common coffee swizzle sticks

Swizzle sticks have been around for a long time now. Back in the day, these small sticks were introduced to stir drinks. According to history, the original swizzle sticks originated and were introduced in the 18th century at a rum plantation in the West Indies where they were made using a plant … Read more

7 Best Coffee Thermos Reviews

Best Coffee Thermos Reviews

Coffee Thermos When you want to keep your coffee or any drink hot or c old while carrying them to office or picnic, you use a thermos, but ever you think about a best coffee thermos? Yes, it is significant to be equipped with good quality pots, especially thermos, to keep your … Read more

10 Best Manual Coffee Grinder Reviews

Manual Coffee Grinders Coffee is the essential part of any house or office. It is important to have a coffee grinder and in that the manual one is much better option. The manual coffee grinders have many advantages over the electric grinders. The biggest advantage is the price. The hand coffee grinder … Read more

The Best Coffee Accessories

Coffee is something that can help us be awake and energetic throughout the day. It is our best friend whenever we have to wake up early, work for long hours, and even when dealing with jetlag while travelling. It is something that fuels us up and recharge our batteries every day. Aside … Read more

The Best Coffee Bean Grinders

A perfect cup of coffee is something that can give us energy throughout a busy day. For some people, freshly ground coffee is better than packed coffee powder. However, coffee beans lose 40 percent of their aroma within minutes of grinding process, therefore, when you buy pre-ground beans, you may be losing … Read more