The Best Large Espresso Machines for Baristas

a large machine making espresso)

Making coffee is a fun hobby for most people, as it is through the activity that they will be able to experiment and customize their coffee to suit their tastes. However, there are some that actually considered coffee-making as a profession, and these professionals are often called “baristas.” Making the best quality … Read more

The Short History of Starbucks

history of Starbucks

Starbucks – multinational cooperation is leading the coffee industry globally. Famous for its freshly roasted hot coffee drinks and Frappuccino, this coffeehouse chain also serves its customers with roasted coffee beans, premium teas, fresh food, and coffee-related merchandise. For decades Starbucks has stood strong and accomplished a lot in forty-nine years. So … Read more

Guide To Portable Turkish Coffee Makers

A CopperBullibrik coffee pot

With coffee being as popular as it is, it’s no wonder coffee lovers might try to branch out and try other kinds of coffee available to them. You might have heard of Turkish coffee and how it’s popular for using ground up coffee beans. And even if you hadn’t, you have now. … Read more

Homgeek – An Emerging Brand

French press, coffee beans, and coffee being poured into a glass cup

Homgeek is a kitchen appliance manufacturer which supplies to North America and Europe, and is becoming more and more popular in households and covers a very wide and ever-expanding range of appliances including meat and coffee grinders, bread makers, air fryers, knife sets, blenders, kettles, juicers, presses, steamers, toasters and of course, … Read more

The Benefits and Advantages of a French Press Coffee Maker

the benefits and advantages of a french press coffee maker

Sometimes, the most simple and fundamental of methods and contraptions are often the ones that produce the best results. Such as the case of the humble French press, which is also known by other names: coffee press, coffee plunger, press pot, cafetiere, or cafeteria. A French press coffee maker does not come … Read more