The 7 Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers You Must Check Out


Just as loved as its hot counterpart, cold brew coffee has gained popularity over the years by offering a cold and refreshing coffee experience, especially on a hot day. If you’re a cold brew coffee lover, buying coffee and dropping by cafes might already be a habit. But what if there’s a way to enjoy your cold brew coffee at your own home? Aside from being able to customize your coffee’s taste based on your preferences, you can also save time and money from buying outside. If this idea excites you then you might want to consider getting yourself your own cold brew coffee maker! 

With so many options out there, it can be quite overwhelming picking out what’s best for you. So we did some research and created a list of the best cold brew coffee makers you might want to buy. Happy shopping!

What should you look for in a cold brew coffee maker?

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Before we look at our list of cold-brew coffee makers, let’s take a quick look at the factors you can use as a basis when choosing the one that suits you best:

  1. Type of Filter – The clarity and richness of your cold brew can be affected by the type of filter. The clean, sediment-free brew provided by paper filters may contain certain oils and tastes that have been absorbed. More oils and tastes can flow through mesh filters and metal filters (which are typically made of stainless steel), producing brews that are fuller-bodied and have a little sediment in them. So, make sure to consider this!
  2. Type of Material – In general, cold brew coffee makers can either be made from glass, plastic, or a combination of the two. While this also doesn’t affect the quality of your coffee you can consider this in terms of durability. Cold brew machines made of glass are dishwasher-safe but can be thin and prone to fracture. Meanwhile plastic ones can be quite durable but may not be as stain and odor-resistant as other types. Both are good options, just pick what features you prioritize.
  3. Size – Cold brew coffee makers come in a variety of sizes, however, the majority are rather small because they are made to fit inside a refrigerator. If you’re planning to produce more than just a few cups of coffee at once, then get larger cold brew makers. However, getting bulkier models may take up some space, so be prepared.
  4. Style – Here, style can refer to either an electric or non-electric cold brew coffee maker.  The non-electric is the most popular and traditional and brews coffee through immersion or slow drip which lasts between 12-24 hours. [1] Meanwhile, electric cold brew coffee makers extract flavor more quickly in as little as 5 to 45 minutes, by steeping and stirring the coffee grounds. [1] This may slightly affect the richness of the flavor so if you want it to be preserved, you can choose the non-electric ones.

8 Cold Brew Coffee Makers Recommended For You

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With what you have learned so far, you can now choose the cold brew coffee maker of your choice from the list of recommendations we have created: [1] [2] [3] [4]

Brand logo of OXO, a kitchen utensils brand

1. OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker –

Based on online product reviews, the 32-ounce OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker brings home the title of being the best overall cold brew coffee maker because of its overall performance, and amazing features that are user-friendly! It is popularly known for its “rainmaker” lid design with perforated holes that allow coffee grounds to receive an even distribution of water, resulting in a consistent extraction and a well-balanced flavor profile. But that’s not all OXO has to offer! Here some of the other great qualities you can look forward to when buying this cold brew coffee maker:

  • Compact – The OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker is small and can fit into the majority of refrigerators with ease! If you’re single and/or live in a place with limited kitchen space, this coffee maker will still fit in just perfectly!
  • Silicone Seal for Extended Freshness – While cold brew is said to be best consumed within a week, OXO can extend the shelf-life of cold brew coffee for two weeks because its lid has a silicone seal to help keep the beverage fresh. 
  • Flip brew-release design – This allows you to control just how much coffee concentrate you would want to pour.
  • Good capacity – With just 10 ounces of coffee, this brewer can produce a concentrate that makes 24-28 ounces, or equivalent to 12–14 cups.
  • Easy to clean – With its reusable stainless steel filter and dishwasher-safe glass container, people have testified that it is a coffee maker that’s easy to clean.

2. Toddy Cold Brew System –

Considered the second top pick for cold brew coffee makers online, the Toddy Cold Brew System is the best for preparing large amounts of coffee that can last you a couple weeks. It is also one of the most budget-friendly in the market. Here are some of the qualities it offers:

  • Good Filters for Clean Coffee – This cold brew coffee maker uses both a paper filter and a felt disc designed to help prevent sediment or residue, resulting in a clean and smooth cup of coffee. The felt disc is also eco-friendly since it is reusable. However, filters can be pricey depending on your brewing habit as they cost $1 each.
  • Large Capacity – One of the largest brewers reviewed, the Toddy Cold Brew System can hold up to 36 to 38 oz. of concentrate which is equivalent to at least 19 drinks.
  • Easy to operate – With simple and straightforward instructions, this coffee maker is user-friendly and makes rich silk concentrate with the machine’s good coffee-to-water ratio.

Brand logo of KitchenAid, a home appliance brand

3. KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker –

Among all the recommendations on this list, the KitchenAid Coffee maker is the only one that has a spout which makes it a unique and useful feature for users who want to get their coffee directly from the fridge. It is available in both large and compact versions so you can choose whatever you like depending on the capacity you prefer it to have. Although this model may be one of the priciest on the list, it can still be a good investment. Here are some of the qualities it offers:

  • Practical Design – Aside from the spout design, KitchenAid’s coffee maker also has a container with fill guidelines for easy measuring, as well as an oversized knob on the lid for easy lifting.
  • Easy to operate – The user’s guide provides easy step-by-step instructions that are detailed but easy to follow and even have recipes for making the concentrate for a smooth and flavorful coffee experience.
  • Large Capacity – The coffee maker can make around 28 oz. of concentrate which is ideal for households that have high volume coffee consumption.

Close up of French-press style coffee maker on tray with cup and jar of sugar

4. Bodum Bean Cold Brew Coffee Maker –

Brand logo of bodum, a danish kitchenware manufacturer

Among all of the coffee makers on this list, the Bodum Bean Cold Brew Coffee Maker emerges as the sole French-press style machine. It’s also a great versatile choice for people who switch between hot and cold coffee as this can be used for either cold brew or as a regular French press. Find out more of the qualities that it offers below:

  • Functional Design – After the sealed lid locks in on the carafe for the 12 to 24-hour extraction period, the pouring or plunging lid is also locked into place along with a press trigger to help with pouring and prevent any spills. Its plastic parts are also BPA-free or Bisphenol-A free which means it doesn’t contain those harmful chemicals that might affect beverages.
  • Easy to Clean – Because of its compact size and simple design it is easy to clean, it is also dishwasher-safe so you don’t have to worry about breaking this coffee maker.

5. Takeya Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker

While this is the most affordable coffee maker on the list, you can still make a good cup of coffee without sacrificing the quality. The Takeya Deluxe Coffee Maker’s compact and sleek design makes it a beautiful and practical addition to your kitchen compared to bulkier models. If you’re not making coffee, you can also use this to make tea! Here are some of the qualities it offers:

  • Fine mesh filter – Similar to that of a tea infuser, it has a fine mesh filter that helps produce a smooth and rich concentrate that is free of sediment.
  • Easy to clean – Since it is mostly made out of plastic, all parts are easy to clean and is dishwasher-safe. 

Comes in two sizes – This pitcher-like coffee maker comes in two sizes, where you can choose either 1-quart or 2-quart sizes. But even with the difference, they both still fit in your refrigerator and can facilitate easy pouring with its pitcher-like design.

6. DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker –

Just as the name suggests, the DASH Rapid Cold Brew Maker offers a faster alternative to making cold brew coffee compared to the usual process that takes around 12 to 24 hours. This one only takes minutes! Find out more of the qualities that it offers below:

  • Fast Brewing System – As said earlier the DASH coffee maker can make you a cup of cold brew coffee in just minutes – 12 minutes to be exact. So there’s no need to wait overnight to satisfy your caffeine cravings. But unlike other rapid electronic appliances, the fast brewing process that it uses does not generate any heat, which ensures that your cold brew stays cold. The flavor also stays smooth and no traces of acidity or bitterness can be detected despite the quick process.
  • Availability of Different Brew Options – Not only is this coffee maker fast, but it is also versatile as it can brew light to dark roast coffee beans that you can store and preserve in the refrigerator.

7. Vinci Express Cold Brew Coffee Pot –

This electric-styled coffee maker also promises a fast production of cold coffee like that of the DASH Rapid, but this time it’s faster! What used to be 12 to 24 hours can now be shortened to 5-10 minutes. While it is fast, online reviews explained that coffee from the machine still tasted strong and smooth Find out more of the qualities that the Vinci Express offers below:

  • Easy to Clean – Everything except the power cord and the top of the coffeemaker can be cleaned, making it dishwasher-safe. It also has a filter basket and a cover on the bottom which you can remove easily to dispose of the used coffee grounds.
  • Large Capacity – With just seven scoops of medium-ground coffee, you can already produce 37 oz. of cold brew coffee! So if your household also consumes a high volume of coffee, or you invite some friends over for snacks, then this coffee maker would also be an excellent choice.


For any coffee enthusiast, investing in a good cold brew coffee maker is a game-changer. By selecting one of these excellent choices, you’re creating more than a simple cup of coffee—you’re creating a pleasant, and cooled pleasure cold brew that’s exactly right for you. So, explore the world of cold brew coffee and take your coffee experience to another level! 


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