The Benefits of Owning a Coffee Maker at Home

You may be satisfied with just having an instant coffee everyday at home. It’s mostly because making it is a breeze — just pop open a jar of instant coffee, get a teaspoon of it and put it into a cup, add some sugar, pour in some hot water and stir. Voila! You’ll get your quick coffee fix. Add some cream or leave it black, according to your preference. No grinding of the beans or waiting for your coffee to brew. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

But have you even once thought of owning a coffee maker? Sure, it may take a lot of work before enjoying a cup, but you’ll see the benefit from owning a coffee maker when you realize the difference in taste between freshly brewed coffee and an instant coffee.

Or if you’re already enjoying the taste of brewed coffee by going to the coffee shops, you can enjoy the same taste in the comfort of your home — only you have to make the coffee yourself! Look at the benefits of having the best coffee maker at home can provide.

1. It saves you money

Sure, it would take a hundred dollars to buy a coffee maker or an espresso machine and you can buy a tall cafe latte for only two dollars. In the long run, see at how you will be able to save money by having a coffee maker at home compared to buying a cup at coffee shops, provided that you go there on a frequent basis.

For instance, espressos bought at coffee shops are hard to make and thus come as expensive. But there are espresso machines that would help you to save up a lot of money which you would have spent at cafes. It is important to note a little learning is required before you really know how to make an espresso for yourself at home. There are automatic espresso machines as well that will do the job for you.

There are often several great coffee maker discounts and deals that will enable you to save more money, so keep looking for them!

2. A brewed coffee from a coffee maker is fresher, more flavorful and healthier

While instant coffee gives you convenience in preparation, a brewed coffee made from a coffee maker has a deeper, fuller, and more concentrated flavor. Just by smelling both of them you will know that freshly brewed coffee has that distinct aroma compared to an instant coffee.

But of course, opinions and personal preferences vary on how they would like their coffee. For some, they like the lighter taste of an instant coffee, while others couldn’t tell the difference between a brewed and an instant coffee. It’s just a matter of personal opinion, really. However, it is undeniable that brewed coffee made from a coffee maker is definitely fresher than an instant coffee, because the former is made straight from the coffee beans.

3. A brewed coffee provides more health benefits than an instant coffee

A brewed coffee from a coffee maker releases healthy oils containing more amounts of antioxidants and nutrients. This means they are really good for your body. You cannot get the same amount of nutrients and antioxidants from an instant coffee. A brewed coffee is believed to prevent many types of cancers as well as heart diseases. Of course, too much of a good thing can also be harmful in turn, so you should still drink your brewed coffee in moderation.

4. It teaches you on how to make coffee by yourself, and it can be fun making it too

If you really want to learn how the coffee shops do their nice-smelling, great-tasting coffee, you can make them at home with a coffee maker! Entertain your guests by showing off your barista skills by serving them some freshly brewed coffee with a distinctive taste and aroma. You can even make Starbucks-level cappuccinos or even ice-cold frappuccinos by using a coffee base (like espresso) made straight from the coffee maker. Some coffee makers are equipped with a milk frother which makes your freshly brewed coffee look more attractive, taste a lot different, and more fun to drink. You can enjoy by experimenting with different flavors and ingredients at home — add more cream, cinnamon, caramel, or chocolate. The possibilities are endless!

Consumers have written glowing coffee maker reviews which can only attest that having a coffee maker at home is quite beneficial. Making your own freshly brewed coffee from a coffee maker can be a lot of fun, too, depending on how you look at it and people love to extol they love my coffee machine.