6 Essential Pour-over Accessories for the Perfect Coffee Brew


If you’re a coffee-lover or a new fan of the beverage, getting yourself some good old pour-over coffee at home can be an awesome and convenient choice. The pour-over coffee method is a manual brewing technique that involves pouring hot water over coffee grounds in a filter to make coffee. Its manual process is loved by many because it gives you control over certain aspects like water temperature, flow rate, and brew time, which can help create a more complex and customized cup of coffee. The best part? It’s portable, so you can make coffee anytime and anywhere be it in the comfort of your home or out in the woods while camping. If you have never brewed coffee at home and don’t know where to start, don’t worry, we got you! Here are 5 essential pour-over accessories you will need to make your pour-over coffee! 

Pour-over Coffee Dripper

Person pouring coffee grains on coffee dripper

The pour-over dripper, also known as a “pour-over cone,” or simply a “dripper”, is a cone or wedge-shaped device constructed from a variety of materials, including metal, ceramic, glass, and plastic. Its main job is to hold the coffee grounds and filter while letting hot water pass through to extract the taste of the coffee. The miracle of brewing coffee takes place in this chamber. Its design has features useful for its function where the spiral ridges or grooves inside the cone help regulate the flow of water and distribute it evenly over the coffee grinds.

To use the dripper, you insert a paper or metal filter and place the freshly ground coffee. Then, carefully pour hot water over the coffee grounds to extract the flavor of the coffee. Through the filter and into a server or carafe below, you will see the freshly brewed coffee dripping.

Pour-over Coffee Filters

Water being poured on coffee filter

To ensure our coffee doesn’t turn into sludge with all the coffee grounds getting mixed up, we must use coffee filters to hold and filter them during the brewing process. These filters are also essential in giving the coffee more clarity and flavor since fine coffee particles and sediment are removed. There are two types of coffee filters you can choose from based on your preference:

  1. Paper coffee filters – These are the most popular kind of pour-over coffee filters and come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit different pour-over drippers. They are excellent at producing clean and sediment-free coffee. If want to make a milder brew, you can use these as they tend to absorb coffee oils and flavors.
  2. Metal Coffee filters – On the other hand if you want your coffee to have a more full-bodied taste and aromatic oils, you can opt for this type. Metal filters allow some of the solid to pass through which gives it a stronger taste and flavor. This is also the filter for you if you want a more economical option since you can reuse this compared to paper filters.

Gooseneck Kettles

Person pouring hot water on coffee dripper with a gooseneck kettle

From the name itself, a gooseneck kettle has a long, narrow, and curved spout that resembles a goose’s neck. They are essential equipment for pour-over coffee brewing since it is primarily used for precisely heating and pouring hot water. Compared to other kettles or methods you might want to use, the special spout design enables you to pour a thin and regulated stream of water to make sure that each little grain of coffee gets wet for the best coffee extraction. 

Pour-over Server or Carafe

Close-up shot of a glass coffee server or carafe

The pour-over server, often referred to as a “coffee server” or “carafe,” is the container used to catch the brewed coffee as it drips from the dripper during the brewing process. Instead of just using a coffee mug, the transparent server allows you to see the volume of coffee you’ve collected. It is also usually made of heat-resistant materials including borosilicate glass or stainless steel, which helps in keeping the coffee warm and delicious while you’re preparing many cups or serves or attending to something else. Getting a pour-over server can also prevent coffee spills as they are designed with a handle or spout for easy and mess-free pouring.

Coffee Weighing Scales 

A person pouring water on coffee dripper with a coffee scale on the bottom

While we won’t need this in the actual brewing or pouring process, it is still important for us to get the amount of ground coffee right to suit our taste, so we need our coffee weighing scales. You can either choose electrical or manual coffee scales depending on your convenience and budget. One of its important features aside from providing accurate measurements, is its tare function which can help you reset the scale back to zero after placing a container, or other items on it. This option helps you to accurately measure the weight of the water without including the container or other items.

Pour-over stands (Optional)

Man making pour-over coffee with pour-over stand holding the dripper

While this isn’t extremely necessary, the pour-over stand can support the dripper, server, or carafe. Most stands have adjustable height settings that allow you to position the dripper at a desired height above the coffee server which can control water flow. It is also designed to be stable and sturdy to make sure that the dripper remains in place during the brewing process. Pour-over stands are mostly designed to fit various pour-over drippers according to size and shape. Besides that, it’s just a beautiful addition to your pour-over coffee setup!


Whether you’re a seasoned coffee enthusiast or just someone who’s beginning their journey, you can always elevate your coffee experience with these accessories to help you achieve the perfect cup of coffee. With this guide, we hope this encourages you to enjoy, explore, and experiment with pour-over coffee. Happy brewing!


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