Tasty Confectionery Items to Eat with Coffee

Coffee is very important for those who love it. It is something that wakes them up in the morning and keeps them going as the day goes on. For many people, drinking coffee is a familiar workplace ritual and a delicacy to be savored. This is why a lot of people prefer to have a handy coffee maker at home, just like the Sboly coffee makers.

Some people are also up to make their coffee more enjoyable to drink, and one of the ways is to find the perfect foods that will match a good cup of coffee. The most important rule in pairing coffee with foods is to follow your palate. But aside from that, it’s also important to consider the strength of your coffee, and as well as the food’s flavor.

If you like coffee and sweets, you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving you a list of tasty confectionery items that you can eat with coffee.


Chocolates are one of the best confectionery items that you can eat with coffee. Since there are many different types of chocolates out there, here are some examples and how you can pair them with coffee:

Milk Chocolate for Fruity and Floral Coffees

Coffees such as Africans, Costa Rican, Salvadoran, Guatemalan, and Panamanian gave strong fruit and floral tones. These are perfect to be paired with light and milk chocolates that have less than 55% cocoa content. It’s because coffees with gentle and delicate fruit and floral notes can be overpowered easily by sweets. Therefore, it’s best to eat lighter and sweeter chocolates with them to complement their natural flavors.

You can also opt for chocolate covered nuts for these elegant brews, and as well as chocolate puddings, truffles with fruity liquors, and chocolate-dipped fruits.

Slightly Bitter Chocolates for Earthy or Spicy Coffees

Coffees that have dominant earth or spice notes, such as Indonesian coffee, taste good with chocolates that contain 50% to 70% cocoa. These types of coffee are low in acidity and slightly heavier in the mouth, making them compliment slightly bitter chocolates well. Chocolate with dried fruit, and as well as salty chocolates are also perfect for earthy and spicy coffees.

Dark Chocolate for Dark Roasts

Dark roasts have their own flavor profiles, but most of the coffee bean’s flavor notes are muted when they start to take out the characteristics of their roast shade. With this, dark roasts are perfect with dark chocolates. The lightest of the dark roast shades, which is Vienna roast, can be slightly sweeter. Italian roasts, on the other hand, are the darkest and tend towards bitterness. French roast is in between those two, and it has a combination of sweet and bitter notes, which work well with almost all dark chocolates.

a cup of coffee with chocolates beside it

If you want a sweet dark roast pairing, you can opt for chocolates with 70% cocoa content, such as truffles and chocolate brittle. If you want bitter dark roast pairings, then choose chocolates with 85% cocoa content.

Coffee Cake

Coffee cake is a sweet cake that comes in different flavors and textures. All of them are made to be enjoyed with a hot cup of coffee. Many people are fond of eating sour cream coffee cake topped with cinnamon, brown sugar, and walnuts as they sip a nice hot cup of coffee.


Donut is probably one of the most popular sweets that you can eat with coffee. These iconic sweets can range from plain to those topped with different sprinkles, glazes, and icings. Their sweetness can offset a cup of coffee perfectly, especially those made on the milky side.

donuts and a cup of coffee


If you are looking for a breakfast sweet that you can eat with a cup of coffee, then a crepe can set off beautifully. There are crepes that are sweet, while others are made with savory ingredients, like cheeses, meats, and vegetables. All of them are perfect when paired with the right type of coffee.


One of the best sweets that you can eat with coffee is tiramisu. Since it contains espresso and coffee liqueur, it definitely fits the bill. Enjoying a slice of tiramisu with a nice cup of coffee takes the experience to the next level.


You might not think about this, but berries, whether you eat them alone with coffee or include them in some other sweet dish, are a fabulous pairing to coffee. You will get the best results when you pair them with a sweeter coffee.

Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich

This is underrated but is perfect with coffee. The banana gives a sweet taste, and the rich creaminess of the peanut butter is perfect. Add in the essence of a nice cup of coffee, and it’s wonderful.


Tapioca or rice pudding has a sweet, milky flavor that goes well with a strong cup of coffee. One of the best that you can eat with coffee is the vanilla and cinnamon rice pudding, as it blends well with the smoky and bold flavor of a darker roast.

These are some of the tasty confectionery items that you can eat with coffee. We hope that these would get you started in exploring more of the best foods that can be paired with coffee.