Should you try White Coffee?

Among the latest coffee trends, white coffee is the one with the most hype. Coffee lovers and people who generally don’t like coffee have started to become huge fans of white coffee. If you think that white coffee is similar to milky coffee, your perspective might change after reading this. White coffee is prepared with lightly roasted beans comprised up of a nutty flavor and a smooth finish. 

White coffee has become a regular in almost every coffee shop. It is usually made in espresso way. You can even make it at home if you use the right and traditional method. 

If you are a person who drinks black coffee regularly and wants a change in their life, then read along, get to know its details and become a fan of white coffee.     

White Coffee

A person pouring milk in coffee

Certain things might be confusing for you when you think of white coffee, but it isn’t as complicated to prepare as you think. The term white coffee is used in a different context in various places. For example, if you’re ordering a white coffee in European countries, it means that you are trying to order coffee with milk. In Australia, white coffee means a flat white. 

White coffee is not a new invention; rather, it has been around for a very long time. Beans of white coffee have a lighter color as compared to dark roasted coffee beans. Espresso made from white coffee beans has a lighter complexion as compared to black coffee beans. White coffee is gaining so much support recently because it comes with different variety of aromas and flavors. You simply cannot forget white coffee once its flavors have touched your taste buds.


A person preparing coffee on a coffee maker with cups and tissues on the side

White coffee is considered one of the most authentic coffees in the world. Whether it’s black or white coffee, they are prepared from coffee beans, but what makes white coffee different from black? 

The journey of coffee beans starts as the green seeds of red fruits. The red fruit is plucked, leaving the coffee leaf behind. Why are coffee beans black or white? That is because they are roasted, and the black, brown color formed is because of roasting. The intensity of the color mostly depends on the roasting of the beans. Before roasting, all coffee beans are coated in a green shade. 

Black coffee beans result from roasting at a high temperature, whereas white coffee beans result from roasting at a low temperature. White-colored beans are much harder to roast than black colored beans because they are roasted at a low temperature. Coffee shop owners need to buy a particular type of grinder to grind white beans because they are way harder than regular coffee beans. 


Person pointing a finger at the world map

White coffee might be relatively new for you, but the beans have been around for almost centuries. Perhaps, this is the most traditional way of making coffee as it is from Yemen’s traditional homelands. 

Yemenis have always been invested in coffee. They grow and drink coffee more than most people. Different types of coffees have been originated in Yemen. The traditional Yemeni coffee technique is the same as the technique of white coffee. Not just beans, but Yemenis also add different ingredients such as spices to enhance and compliment the flavor. 


A cup of coffee with a jug of coffee and coffee beans spilled on the floor  

Your white coffee depends on the type of beans you choose. People mostly choose Arabica beans used for white coffee. Beans that are used in preparing white coffee are the same as beans used in preparing black coffee. The primary distinction between both is the roasting process. 

TasteA person having a white coffee on their bed with blanket

White coffee beans are roasted at a low temperature which exhibits a classy, rich and creamy flavor. The lower flame ensures that the bean is in its original shape. It also makes sure that the bean does not break down to the same level as darker beans. 

White coffee is smooth, creamy and has no bitterness. It is also described as nutty as you get to taste the bean itself rather than the elements released while roasting the bean. Even though the bitterness fades away, white beans have a higher level of acidity when compared with dark beans. If you like a moderate amount of acidity in their coffee, you might just sit this one out.

Caffeine Level

Person having a cup of coffee in the morning on a bicycle

Coffee is all about caffeine, as caffeine gets you up and running throughout the day! But the question arises of whether white coffee has a high caffeine level or not. Good news for strong coffee lovers, Yes! The caffeine level in white coffee is more than in regular coffee. 

The reason is the roasting method. When coffee beans are roasted at a higher temperature, they start to lose their caffeine levels. White coffee, as mentioned above, is roasted at a lower level, so the caffeine levels are higher in it compared to dark beans! If you want a bold caffeine hit in your body in the morning, go for white coffee. 

Can I Make White Coffee at Home?

Person pouring a coffee from a jug into a cup with a cup on the table   

Yes, you can! The process of making white coffee is the same as making a regular cup of coffee. You can easily make it at home. Save yourself some time and get white coffee beans prepared from a store because if you don’t, you might lose precious time grinding the beans as they are harder to grind. 

You can use a coffee maker at home if you want the same taste you get when you have coffee from a coffee shop.

White Coffee for Next Brew 

A cup of white coffee on a tray with a vase full of flowers

With very little or no bitterness, white coffee can be a wonderful light brew. Because of the low roasting method, these Arabica beans exhibit flavors that make them unique and richer than other coffees such as dark beans. You can have a perfect cup of white coffee from any coffee shop but now that you know how to make it at home, why not save time and money? You can try it anytime and brew it if you are tired of having the same old dark coffee.

Add Ons

Pouring milk in a cup of coffee on a bed 

Most people suggest adding almond milk to it as it gives a nutty flavor and gives you a smooth and creamy cup of coffee.

How to make it? 


To make a perfect cup of white coffee, first, you have to pre-ground the beans. You can either do it yourself, which is very time-consuming or get ground coffee beans from your nearest coffee shop. If you have a coffee machine, you can use it to grind them if it has a grinding feature.

Add spices according to your taste buds. You can add cinnamon if you like, depends on your preference. Finally, add almond milk or your preferred type of milk and enjoy a delicious cup of white coffee.


White coffee might sound alien, but it is pretty similar to your everyday coffee in numerous aspects. Now that you know all about it, what are you waiting for? Go and grab a cup of white coffee from your nearest coffee shop or get the beans, brew it and make yourself a good cup of white coffee.