Best Coffee Beans to use in a French Press

A French press coffee maker is the best option for you if you are a morning person who needs a strong cup of coffee to make it through the day. There are tons of benefits to having a coffee maker at home. The French press has a simple design, and it is easy to use, making it the first choice for most people. 

Ever wondered what makes your coffee strong and amazing? Coffee beans! Yes, that’s right. To brew a perfect and delicious cup of coffee, you need to know about the best coffee beans that can be used for the French press. Read along and make your mornings enthusiastic! 

ILLY Grind Coffee

Roasted coffee beans

When served, this coffee will give you a rich and balanced flavour with caramel and chocolate. These Arabica beans are made and roasted in Italy. It is delivered in a vacuum-sealed tin. Packaging is done so that it is pressurized, air-free, and the beans are prevented from getting stale. 

Another feature of this coffee is that nitrogen is added to the tin to remove the oxygen so that the taste remains natural. This coffee is considered one of the best when it comes to the French press. Make sure to use reliable filter paper as you brew your coffee; otherwise, you will get a muddy and gritty cup of coffee. 

Stone Street Cold Brew Coffee

A cup of cold coffee on a table with a book and phone

This coffee is made up of pure Arabica Colombian Supremo beans. Don’t fall for the word “cold” as this can also be used in a French press, and it has the perfect taste for it. The taste of this coffee is bold, balanced, low in acidity, with a touch of sweetness. 

It is considered one of the most authentic coffees in the world. If you are the type of person who is all about their coffee and also likes to stock up, then Stone Street coffee is the right choice for you! 

One of the best things about this brand is its packaging. It comes with a re-sealable packet that includes a one-sided valve that removes the air inside without letting air in, keeping it fresh. 

Community Coffee

What is a Barista

This coffee is again made up of pure Arabica beans. The grind size makes it suitable and an excellent option for using it in a French press. People who like a strong cup of coffee might find its taste a little subtle, as when brewed, this coffee gives a smooth with no bitter undertone taste. 

For safe de-gassing, community coffee offers a one-way valve. However, it comes with a side fold bag, so the freshness might vanish. Make sure to transfer it into another tight container once you have opened it. 

Mystic Monk Coffee

A picture of a monk meditating in the nature

Medium roasted Arabica coffee beans are prepared by monks of Carmelite, which is based in Wyoming. This coffee does not come from a single source; it travels worldwide, including Ethiopia and South East Asia.

The taste is exceptional. It is vibrant and balanced. Due to the amazing packaging, the freshness remains the same at all times. If you love a medium roasted coffee, then Mystic Monk is the best for French press in your house! You can definitely make a smooth coffee out of it. 

Dallmayr Gourmet Ground Coffee

Coffee beans in an airtight container

These pure Arabica coffee beans produced in Germany have a medium roast flavour. You can expect a rich, smooth taste with low bitterness and acidity from this medium roast coffee. It comes in a brick-shaped packaging that helps preserve the freshness not only when you open it but also during transportation. 

However, you will not be able to reseal the packaging once you have opened it. Make sure to move the coffee into a container right after you have opened it so that you get the same taste every time you make this coffee!

Ceremony Coffee Roaster

Person pouring coffee beans in a jar

This coffee bean is sourced from Peru and Brazil, and it is enhanced in Annapolis, Maryland. It is a medium-light source coffee. This coffee is one of the best when it comes to brewing in a French press. However, the taste of the coffee will be lighter, and there will be a slightly acidic touch to it. Those who crave sweet things such as pastry will love its flavor as it comprises flavours such as caramel and spices such as vanilla and nutmeg. These flavours and spices combined will give a smooth and comforting coffee, and you will experience a sweet soothing coffee!

The only downside of this coffee is its packaging. The bag containing the coffee does not have an airtight seal, so make sure to transfer it to an airtight container to maintain its freshness. 

Coffee Bean Direct Dark

A cup of coffee on a table with a jar full of coffee beans  

Direct dark coffee is best for you if you are a fan of dark and oily beans. Beans are sourced and crafted in Southern Guatemala. All of the Arabic beans are slow-roasted to get a rich and flavorful coffee. However, dark roast makes sure that you get a strong taste in the morning. 

Regardless of being a dark roast, these beans are rich in acidity. If you are a person who likes low acidity beans, then you might skip this one. Packaging is exceptional. You don’t have to transfer it to an airtight jar to keep your beans fresh.  

Browny Ethiopia Roasted Coffee Beans 

These beans are so special because they come from Ethiopia, famous for producing world-renowned coffee beans. Although these beans are made in Ethiopia, they are locally roasted in New York. These beans are roasted at the perfect medium level for you to have a balanced flavour and acidity.

It is equally balanced when it comes to being bitter and acidic and has no aftertaste. These beans are crafted in the local farms of Ethiopia. These are some coffee beans that you must try in your French press!  

Coffee Kult Beans

A person making coffee in a French press

These medium roasted coffee beans are sourced from Colombia. These are pure Arabica beans that will give you a smooth cup of coffee. Coffee Kult beans work amazing in a French press. The acidity level is low, and it has a smooth and creamy texture. 

Packaging is a downside because it does not have a re-sealable feature, and storage can be an issue if you purchase it in large quantities. 

Kenya AA Coffee Beans


These beans are sourced from Kenya and are a hundred percent Arabica. When brewed in a French press, these beans will give a smooth, rich and creamy texture. Beans are medium-dark roasted and consist of different flavours. 

If you want to brew a medium-dark roasted coffee in your French press, then this right here might be the best option for you because of its quality and authenticity. However, the packaging is a downside because once opened, the coffee might lose its freshness. Make sure to put it in an airtight container once you have opened the seal. 


Because of the brewing choices, it’s hard to list one of the best coffees that can be used in a French press for an exceptional taste. There are individual differences when it comes to coffees. What works for some people might not for others; everyone has their own preference. The coffees listed above are some of the best that you can have. All of the beans will work best once you use them in a French press. With that being said, go ahead, grab some of these coffee beans and try it out! They won’t disappoint you for sure!