The Most Authentic Coffees of The World

Coffee has been the favorite drink of many people for centuries. If you are having lazy mornings or feeling tired, a cup of coffee could provide you instant energy and help you stay awake for prolonged timings due to a  high caffeine content which is found out in Coffee beans.

Most of us are aware of the common everyday coffees which we can buy from a market or restaurant. This includes espresso, latte, cappuccino, Italiano, mocha, and other related ones. However, a more authentic taste of coffee is found when it is completely pure giving it a true call of a “Perfect Coffee”.

History of Coffee

Coffee dates back to the 15th century when coffee beans were first used for the purpose of drinking. The knowledge of coffee trees spread from Yemen, and then to closer parts of the Middle East including Makkah. With increased knowledge and demand for coffee, it was promoted in many countries. By the end of the 16th century, most of the Middle East as well as some countries of Asia such as India also knew about coffee drinks.

When the coffee beans were first used in making a drink, there were bans imposed by different types of religious leaders claiming that coffee had numerous side effects. This was first seen in Makkah and Cairo, two of the very famous Muslim states. However, later it was found out that the Catholic Church supported the ban on coffee.

With coffee being more and more popular after the 16th century, different entrepreneurs found it as a great product to be targeted towards the customers. For this reason, the 1600s and 1700s are considered highly important for the promotion of coffee as these were the times when many little to big shops were being opened up almost all over the world.

Roasted Coffee beans are one of the most famous and widely used ones all over the world.

The Most Authentic Coffees of the World

Of Course, there are many options available to quench your thirst and give you the energetic boost for your entire day. Yet we see that some brands have been known to provide authentic and premium quality coffee which is why buyers absolutely love them.

Brazilian Coffee

Among the top five producers of coffee in the world, it is Brazilian Coffee which is considered as one of the most authentic ones delivering the exact taste which one might be looking for. The country has held the position of cultivating most of the coffee beans for over 150 years. The covered area for coffee plantations is over 27000 km square.

The reason why coffee of Brazil is regarded as the most genuine one is that they are grown on lower altitudes which means they have lower acidity and thereby are safer for health. In addition to that, Brazilian Coffee tends to be round and sweet while also being bright in its color. The beans are bright in color as well.

Next time you are buying your coffee, make sure it is sourced from anywhere in Brazil.

One of the many coffee plantations in Brazil.

Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks gained fame for one reason and that was their exceptional taste of coffee which is still certified by many people all over the world. Starbucks is one of the biggest brands of coffee selling in 70 countries with more than 25,000 stores operating worldwide. Although all of the coffees which are sold by Starbucks are in an exceptional taste and have a magical aroma, there are definitely some which have been specifically picked by the customers and baristas.

The top four coffees you can try from Starbucks that could bring you the most authentic taste of coffee includes Starbucks Doubleshot® on Ice, Iced White Chocolate Mocha, Cold Brew Coffee, and Iced Americano as well. However, without a doubt, everyone agrees on the fact that Starbucks has one of the most expensive coffees and shakes.

Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak is one of the weirdest coffees on the planet. It consists of the coffee beans which are eaten by the Asian Palm Civet Cats at first and then they are defecated by these cats. They are fermented and a taste is developed as they pass through the intestines of the cat. In case you are wondering if a normal cat can do that, relax, that isn’t possible.

An Asian palm civet

You may find it oddly disgusting but believe us when we say this one of the best coffees on the planet and has a very high demand in many countries of the world. Many have also regarded it as the “most organic” way to produce coffee which is why no other coffee can match its taste. This type of coffee is produced in the Philippines at a large scale where specified civet farms are made for the purpose of coffee production.

KopiLuwak, the coffee beans defecated by a Civet Cat.

Turk Kahvesi

We know that most of our coffee originates from Brazil. Nonetheless, every country has its standards and methods of preparing it which is why there is a variation in tastes and some coffees tend to taste better than others. The Turkish Coffee is famous for its method of preparation all over the world along with a unique foamy surface giving it a worth-it structure.

The Turkish Coffee is prepared in an ibrikwhich is a small pot made out of copper or brass. There is no milk used in preparing this coffee. All it takes is to make a cup of finely made coffee is some sugar being added during the brewing process as well as ground coffee beans giving it a pure taste. Make sure you don’t stir the sugar in your cup. Some people also like to add cardamom to this kind of tea creating a spice to the mixture.

Death Wish Coffee

The name sounds terrifying and even the coffee is the same. Not everyone can drink the death wish coffee because it is regarded as the world’s strongest coffee. It has premium quality ground beans used with a significantly higher caffeine content than an ordinary cup of coffee. Not only does it taste hard but also gives you a long time of no sleep.

You must be wondering if a product like this is safe or not? Relax! It is completely safe and is USDA-Certified as well. Being sustainable, organic, and with low acid, this hits you up with the energy charge you might need for a long night. There is no sacrifice on quality but drink it only if you must.

Many people prefer a grinded coffee instead of coffee beans.

Central American Geisha Coffee Beans

Geisha Coffee Beans are with one of the most authentic roast profiles. Unlike other coffees, this one is harvested mostly in Panama and Costa Rica. Therefore, you get a Spanish coffee which many are never able to try. The Geisha Beans of Coffee were first discovered in Ethiopia in the town of Geisha from where they got their name as well.

The Geisha Beans have a reputation for having a natural body with multiple flavorings of coffee as well such as citrus, mango, peach, jasmine, and others. The bright and sparkling texture compliments the already delectable coffee.

Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaica

Although Jamaica is not counted as a major coffee producer, yet one of the most genuine coffee is produced here from the Blue Mountain. Normally, coffee is produced at a very low altitude in farms of Brazil and Sri Lanka. However, in this case, the coffee is produced at a very high altitude where climatic conditions, temperature, and solid create a variably different taste than the coffee we normally try.

Coffee is one of the most expensive ones because of the fact that it requires a lot of manual labor and is produced in a limited quantity every year. The volcanic soil encourages high-quality crop yield. The coffee also takes a longer time to produce because it is not being harvested in normal conditions.

We do recommend that all the coffee fans should try this coffee at least once in their lifetime and they will surely love it.

Begin a fresh day with a hot cup of coffee!


Coffee is pure love for many people but getting authentic coffee could be something that is difficult. Many of the above-mentioned coffees would be those regarding which you might have not heard before. Some are disgusting (Kopi Luwak), and others are surprisingly grown in unexpected circumstances (Blue Mountain). Nonetheless, these coffees are the most organic as well as the authentic ones. We do hope you find a different taste in these coffees compared to the ones which you normally try out.

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