Why Choosing the Right Coffee Maker is Just As Important As Using the Right Coffee Mug

You brew it and drink a big, steaming mug of it every day to help you get your morning started. Some prefer their coffee black while others prefer it sweetened and thinned out with a bit of cream. Coffee can either make or break your day, so put some effort into how your coffee is prepared. True connoisseurs use their own signature blends and prepare it fresh instead of depending on local coffee shops the majority of the time. At Grey Fox Pottery, coffee lovers can find mugs that are just the right size and are stylish, too. If you wouldn’t brew your coffee in a cheap, underpowered coffee maker, why would you drink it in a mug that is anything less than ideal?

Choosing Your Personal Coffee Mug

While you can purchase a coffee mug pretty inexpensively at a discount store, you also have to accept the fact that its quality won’t be very good. Inexpensive coffee mugs are prone to chip and they aren’t all microwave or dishwasher safe. Then there are limitations as to how your mug is going to look or what size it is going to be. Your personal coffee mug should be an investment, especially if you want to use it on a nearly daily basis. Look for a good quality first, then consider the style that you want and be sure to check out options at Chamberlain Coffee.

Pouring Your Coffee from Pot to Mug

There is another reason why homemade coffee often tastes better than varieties you can get from coffee shops. For one, there is something about feeling the full weight of a coffee mug in your hand. As you tip your head to gently blow your coffee so that it becomes cool enough to drink, you get a strong whiff of its fragrant aroma. Sure, buying a cheap cup of coffee will generally get the job done but you don’t get the full experience until you pour it from pot to mug.

Why Good Coffee Just Tastes Better

Some people think of it as a ritual, getting up early just so that they can prepare the perfect cup of coffee. You might drink your coffee while reading a newspaper or you may not want any interruptions as you sip your favorite, hot, delicious, world-class brew. Either way, drinking from a mug that is crafted by the finest pottery makers will give your coffee the perfect finish. You will enjoy every flavor and note, not missing a thing. Just as high-quality coffee makers have to be kept clean, serviced and used only to make gourmet coffee, you should designate one mug in your home solely for coffee drinking.

A really nice coffee mug can be used for as long as you want. Wrap it gingerly in newspaper before you move into your newly purchased home. Take it with you to your retirement home. Even pack it up before you take a trip overseas. It is yours to use and keep as you like, and it will definitely stand up to years of frequent usage.