How to Clean Your Coffee Maker

Seeing one of the best coffee makers sit on your countertop and being able to enjoy a cup of coffee all by yourself or sharing it with friends, family, or colleagues anytime makes you definitely feel good. But like any other kitchen appliance, you have to maintain it for longevity. Do you wonder what else is needed other than washing the pot regularly?

Here are step-by-step instructions on how you can effectively clean your coffee makers. Be sure, though, if you have the instruction booklet that came with your coffee maker to be sure to use their instructions as they may be different.

NOTE:  Be sure to check with your coffee maker manufacturer instructions for cleaning.

1. Make an equal mixture of white vinegar and water

Make sure the mixture is enough to fill the carafe or pot. If it is your first time to clean your coffee maker be sure to make a stronger solution by adding more white vinegar than water. If you don’t have enough time to prepare the mixture there are readily available coffee maker cleaners that you can use instead. But remember not to use baking soda and warm water as this mixture will clog the coffee maker and cause the machine to malfunction.

2. Brew the mixture

Place a filter in your coffee maker as usual then pour the cleaning mixture where you normally add the water. Start brewing the mixture. Halfway through the cycle turn off your coffee maker and let it sit for at least 30 minutes to a full hour. After that, turn the machine on again and finish the whole brewing cycle. Once the whole cycle is done, remove the filter and discard the mixture. Let your coffee maker sit and cool for at least 15 minutes while it is off. After the carafe cools down, rinse it with clean water.

3. Repeat the procedure twice but with only plain cold water

Repeat the whole brewing cycle twice but with just plain water, no vinegar, to remove any remaining solution. Allow your coffee maker to cool slightly between each brew. Smell the pot or carafe and the machine after each rinse and make sure there is no leftover vinegar smell. Wipe down the exterior of your machine and wash the carafe and filter basket in hot, soapy water. Of course, you’ll want to be sure to rinse them well to remove any soap.

After the cleaning process, your coffee maker is clean and is ready to be used once again. By cleaning it regularly, at least once a month, your coffee maker will be sure to serve you for a long time. Don’t forget to read coffee maker reviews to get more tips on how you can take care of your machine. Even the top coffee makers will need maintenance to keep them useful for a long time.