Guide To Electric Turkish Coffee Makers

Coffee is one of the more prevalent drinks in our society. It’s right up there with water and soda, and is commonly found in every café you come across. Popular because of its distinct aroma and taste, coffee is also somewhat addictive and thus something a lot of people require every morning to kick start their day. But coffee isn’t just one type of constant beverage of course. You’re probably familiar with the various offerings including espressos and cappuccinos among others. But there are other variants as well. So let’s take a quick look at Turkish coffee, and some of the best Turkish coffee makers out on the market right now.

What Is Turkish Coffee?

Not all coffee is the same. Some variants of coffee use different kinds of coffee beans while others make the use of differing brewing methods. All kinds are loved and drank in generous amounts far and wide. But coffee can also have a history in a region’s past as well. Turkish coffee for example, came about after a unique brewing method was used for preparing it after its discovery by the Turkish Governor of Yemen. As it stands, how Turkish coffee differs from standard instant coffee is the grounds. Instant coffee is made with dried coffee that is rehydrated. Meanwhile Turkish coffee is made from coffee beans that have been ground up. For perfect Turkish coffee, the special pot named ibrik is used in its preparation as well.

Where to Buy
Brentwood Appliances TS-117S Electric Turkish Coffee Maker
Arzum Okka Minio Automatic Turkish/Greek Coffee Machine, USA 120V UL, Black/Silver
Arzum Okka OK001BN Automatic Turkish/Greek Coffee Machine, USA 120V, UL/NSF, Black/Gold


Buying Guide

So what should you look out for when purchasing a Turkish coffee maker? Basically, all the things you would look out for when buying an ordinary coffee maker. You would want a product that has passed some safety regulations and won’t end up giving you a nasty shock. You would also need to get something with a higher quality interior, lest it decompose and start leaking chemicals and odd flavors into the blend.

And obviously, you would need to double check that you’re not accidentally purchasing a normal coffee maker, as browsing the recommended section can often lead you to those without you noticing. Looking out for power consumption is also a good idea if you make coffee multiple times a day. Another thing to be wary of is if the product is an actual Turkish coffee maker or just named as one. The reviews section is a good place to find out for certain.

Below are some of the best electric Turkish coffee makers you can get for yourself right now. This section will encompass different brands and varying degrees of performance, so some research into the product before making the purchase is a good idea to ensure you get what you need.

Brentwood Appliances Electric Turkish Coffee Maker

The Brentwood Turkish coffee maker is one that hits all the marks and more. Not only does it get the flavor right, it does so in mere minutes. And its ergonomic design allows you to handle it with one hand while working on something else. Having a 10-ounce capacity and a feature to automatically turn itself off in the absence of any liquids are just the icing on the top. Lastly, the power base of the pot can be detached and rotated 360°.

  • Reasonably priced with excellent performance.
  • 800 watts power consumption.
  • Readies coffee in a few minutes.
  • Can make 4 cups of coffee at one time.
  • Designed for single-handed use.
  • Internal safety mechanism turns off unit when no liquid is present.

Arzum Okka Minio Turkish/Greek Coffee Machine

The Arzum Okka Minio is a well-built general all-rounder electric Turkish coffee maker. It has decent capacity and makes coffee in a few minutes. Its pot is easy to wash and it has a sound alert system for when something might go wrong. Best of all, it looks really sleek.

  • Can make up to 4 cups of coffee.
  • Internal mechanism prevents overflowing.
  • Easily washable.
  • Alert systems built in.

Arzum Okka OK001BN Turkish/Greek Coffee Machine

 This Arzum Okka Turkish coffee maker is a quality product. And thus, naturally, comes with a hefty price tag. However, if you front the cost, you won’t regret your purchase. Not only can you select the cup sizes and tell it to clean itself so you don’t have to, this coffee maker also has the ability to detect the temperature of the room and adjust its brewing temperature accordingly to ensure the perfect blend. Its recommended slow brewing spans four minutes. In these four minutes, it brews the coffee to perfection, and then is followed up by automatic pouring into the cups. The coffee is prepared with excellence and topped with just the right amount of froth. The only downside to this fantastic machine would be its tendency to be a little noisy during the brewing process

  • Makes 2 cups of coffee at once.
  • Has a very useful option to clean itself.
  • Produces authentic Turkish coffee taste.


Those were undoubtedly the best electric Turkish coffee makers available right now. Any one of them would make for an excellent addition to your kitchen and an even better gift to your taste buds. After you have one of these you’ll never want to go back to manual coffee preparation.