Can You Visit Central Perk Coffee Shop?

It’s a well-known fact that Friends is one of the most remarkable television series ever to air on American television. Even now, Friends is a successful comedy because of its relatable characters. Watching Friends makes it easy to feel like you’re at home and surrounded by real people. Central Perk, the group’s coffee shop, is one of the show’s most memorable places. The group’s friendship is centered on the Central Perks’ regular appearances in each episode. It’s one of the fans’ craziest desires to drink coffee at Central Perk and hang around with Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, and Joey.

Central Perk Coffee Shop Reel or Real?

New York City is the setting for the fictional Central Perk coffee cafe. It is supposed to be located between 10th and 11th Streets. The classic sitcom “Friends,” Central Perk serves as a meeting venue for the five main characters. All the characters’ stories revolve around one coffee shop. This is where they share their joys and their sorrows and where they comprise after every disagreement. The location exudes sophistication and is brimming with lively activity and brilliant colors. If you want to relax with your friends and catch up on the latest events on television, this is the place for you and your group. It’s also a great place to eat and drink. 

More than just a sitcom setting, this famous coffee shop exists in the real world; it is called Central Perk Cafe. In 2002, Central Perk Café, located at 105 Cedarhurst Avenue, New York, opened its doors to the public in a casual yet elegant setting for delicious food and good moments. It is a great place to eat for both locals and visitors. Nearby shops and boutiques are just a short walk away from Central Perk Café. The Vaad of the Five Towns maintains stringent control on Central Perk Café, ensuring that every food served is kosher. All main dishes are prepared to order, and customers can choose from a wide variety of side dishes. In Central Perk, mouthwatering dishes like blooming onions, nachos, and mozzarella sticks may be found. With plenty of interior space, Central Perk is well-suited for large gatherings. 

For Friends-themed cafes, however, the Central Perk Friends-themed cafes in Clarke Quay, Singapore, Beijing, and Shanghai are the best bets. The Singapore cafe is rumored to be the only actual licensed Central Perk outside of the United States of America. Clarke Quay’s Central Perk Cafe has a lot of room, measuring 3,300 square feet and accommodating 100 people. To transport its visitors back in time and feel the FRIENDS atmosphere, there is no better prop than the enormous soft orange sofa in the cafe’s center. That sofa is one of the cafe’s most Instagrammable features, that most of its patrons book in advance. The themed furniture, such as Patsy, Pacman, Monica Kitchen, and the Joey Italian Fine artistry cabinet, is decorated with ‘F.r.i.e.n.d.s’ references.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Central Perk Coffee


The show’s popularity is attributable to both its characters and environment. However, Central Perk, the show’s central coffee shop, may be best remembered for its importance in the series. Look at these fascinating facts about the Central Perk Cafe.

1. It’s probably located in Greenwich Village.


While the address of Central Perk has been kept a mystery during the entire run of Friends, some fans have been able to make the connection and make an educated assumption as to the location of the show’s central location. The place has not been divulged, but it is expected to be on Hudson Street, just a few blocks from Grove Street. Central Perk’s exterior view shows a building at Grove and Barrow.

2. This Gunther dude was the real barista!

Buzzfeed interviewed James Michael Taylor, the actor who portrayed Gunther at Central Perk, about his real-life coffee shop job at the Bourgeois Pig. For authenticity’s sake, he was employed as the “coffee guy” to stand by and pretend to work the espresso machine. The actor continued to work part-time in his previous profession for four years after his big break in Friends.

3. The Legendary Orange Couch Was Discovered Within Warner Bros. Studios’ Basement.


While all Central Perk is significant to Friends, the orange couch they constantly sit on is the cafe’s most cherished object. The couch may have the appearance of being rather cozy. Still, upon closer inspection, it turned out to be nothing more than a collection of discarded pieces of furniture that had been stashed away in Warner Bros’ studios. In the pilot episode, you can see rips on the couch, which are eventually covered with comforters.

4. Every few episodes, the artwork on display changes.

Every three episodes, the wall art in Central Perk was refreshed. The goal was to create an atmosphere reminiscent of an independent coffeehouse with this level of detail. During Friends’ ten seasons, Burton Morris, a former Pittsburgh-based artist, painted over a dozen unique pop art paintings, including iconic depictions of King Kong and the Statue of Liberty. Coffee cafes are great places to find tacky art and imaginative exhibitions by local artists. A few standout items would have been easy for Friends, but instead they opted for a more realistic vibe. Central Perk’s artwork changes every three episodes, giving the show a more “lived-in” atmosphere.

5. The Coffee Menu at Central Perk is Subject to Change.

While Central Perk is billed as a coffee shop, it’s just a gathering place for the show’s ensemble to hang out and talk. It’s nice to know that Friends’ fictitious coffee shop takes care of the same roasts and selection of items that real coffee businesses do. Central Perk’s front-shelf coffee offerings will change at least once a season. That’s not a lot, but it’s enough to illustrate a shift in perspective. Simply put, Friends made coffeehouses famous. There wasn’t much on the menu at Central Perk, but a sandwich board outside advertised specialty coffees and teas from around the world. Still, other New York City-themed drinks, including the Manhattan Mocha, Long Island Cream, Urban Tribe Java, and Ms. Liberty Blend, accompany the espresso and cappuccino. There were also a variety of sweets on hand for those who needed a pick-me-up. 

Central Perk All Over the World

Since the show “Friends” was so famous, Central Perk served as a model for other odd coffee shops. Many real-world coffeehouses of the ’90s attempted to mimic the style and spirit of the fictional coffee shop, as well as many overseas knockoffs.

Mojtaba Asadian, an Iranian entrepreneur, opened the first Central Perk location in 2006 in Tehran. “Friends”-inspired artwork and neon signs to adorn the walls of Central Perks in London, Beijing, China; Singapore; and Egypt. A pop-up Central Perk opened in New York City for the show’s 25th anniversary in 2019. It’s not just New York but also Chicago and Atlanta where “The Friends Experience” conducts similar events. 

The Future of Central Perk Coffee

The fictitious Friends coffee shop that Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, and Joey visited might be coming to a city near you. Warner Bros. Entertainment obtained the copyright to use the term Central Perk for “coffee shop and cafe services,” according to court records obtained by The Blast.

As seen on the show, Warner Bros. asked for a trademark for a shaded oval with coffee cups on either side with steam rising above them. They also wanted the stylized word “CENTRAL” on a banner and a shaded oval with the stylized word “PERK” and coffee bean designs on either side of the word “PERK.”

Naturally, this would not be the first time the Friends café has been turned into an actual location. Pop-up Central Perk in downtown Manhattan celebrated the show’s 20th anniversary and collaboration between Warner Bros. Television Group, Warner Bros. Consumer Products, and Eight O’Clock Coffee. The pop-up shop also had a lot of things from the show, like the orange couch that the Friends sat on every week when they talked. In addition to the pop-up shop, Eight O’Clock Coffee created a Central Perk-themed blend sold in locations across the country.