Best Coffee Beans to use in a French Press

French press with a cup on a tray

A French press coffee maker is the best option for you if you are a morning person who needs a strong cup of coffee to make it through the day. There are tons of benefits to having a coffee maker at home. The French press has a simple design, and it is … Read more

Best Espresso Machines for the Office

Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine

Coffee is a must-have for any office setting. But not every office has a machine that can create special drinks like espresso and coffee with froth milk. If your office personnel churns out money every day to buy from pricey coffee shops, it’s a good idea to buy an espresso machine to … Read more

Introduction to Coffee Liberica and Excelsa Beans

Introduction to Coffee Liberica and Excelsa Beans

Liberica Coffee Coffee Liberica is the third most popular coffee bean species in the world. It originated in West and Central Africa, Liberia and Uganda.  But today, it has been naturalized in French Polynesia, Colombia, Malaysia, Venezuela, Central America, Brazil, and the Philippines. The Liberica coffee has a fruity and floral flavor … Read more

The Best High-Tech and Low-Tech Coffee Makers

Each of us has a different taste when it comes to coffee. Some people like their coffee black and hot, while some like it sweet and cold. There are also some people who cannot start their day without drinking a cup of coffee first. However, getting a cup of coffee from your … Read more

Guide to Aeropress Coffee Makers

It usually takes a lot of effort whenever we crave for a fresh cup of brewed coffee. It’s because it will take time to find a nice coffee shop, or to set up our coffee makers at home and wait for the coffee to be brewed. But today, we can now create … Read more

Guide to Siphon and Vacuum Coffee Makers

One of the most interesting coffee brewing methods is the siphon or vacuum brewing method. The coffee makers used in this method are often called siphon pots, siphon brewers, vacpots, or vacuum brewers. Though they have different names, they all have one thing in common, which is the method of drawing up … Read more

The Best Coffee Accessories

Coffee is something that can help us be awake and energetic throughout the day. It is our best friend whenever we have to wake up early, work for long hours, and even when dealing with jetlag while travelling. It is something that fuels us up and recharge our batteries every day. Aside … Read more

What are the Different Types of Coffee?

Coffee has been part of most people’s daily lives. It is a drink that keeps us awake and energetic especially when we have a lot of tasks to do. There are also some people who cannot function well unless after drinking a cup of coffee. If you consider yourself a coffee lover, … Read more

Espresso vs Drip Coffee

espresso vs drip coffee maker

Most of us would like to sip a cup of coffee every morning when we wake up. And sometimes we don’t care for too much detail about our coffee, but for coffee enthusiasts it is quite of a big deal. So what is the difference between an espresso and a regular brewed … Read more

What Are the Different Types of Coffee Makers

Different Types of Coffee Makers

Drinking coffee is a routine for many people, especially when they need mental jumpstart in the morning. Coffee makers or coffee machines are used to brew those delicious coffee drinks, and your local café should have some professional appliances on hand. Cafés are quite popular in the present time because they offer … Read more