PRESSOPUMP Cordless Espresso Maker (Automatic) | Mini Espresso Coffee Machine | Perfect Gift for Home, Outdoors and Office | Black


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Introducing the PRESSOPUMP

The creation of the PRESSOPUMP stemmed from the need to fill a void in the market for great tasting espresso on the move. A coffee shop is selsom close by and at times, the coffee is not always the best tasting.

The PRESSOPUMP has revolutionized the mobile espresso market. It allows true coffee enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite espresso wherever they are.
The PRESSOPUMP prepares a rich and creamy espresso shot topped with thick crema.
The patented specially designed Advanced Pump has the ability to generate 16 bar pressure to ensure a consistent and effortless extraction every time. Portable and lightweight, yet as good as your conventional home espresso machine.
The sleek , compact design makes it the champion of portable espresso makers. It is small enough to pack away on your travels and will be your reliable companion on any long journ

Introducing the PRESSOPUMP

Launched in 2017

Since the launch of the PRESSOPUMP in 2017 the model has sold out every quarter such is the popular demand. The PRESSOPUMP has a global customer base and has become the must-have item for coffee enthusiasts.

The ability to take this portable espresso maker anywhere has made it coveted by campers and truckers.
Having the ability to use your own favorite ground coffee has made it an office essential in order to avoid the mediocre tasting office coffee machine.
Some customers have even justified purchasing the PRESSOPUMP as a “Unitasker” in the kitchen.
Whatever it is purchased for, you will not be disappointed.

Introducing the PRESSOPUMP

Introducing the PRESSOPUMP

Introducing the PRESSOPUMP2