Espro P3 – French Press Coffee Maker with Thick & Durable SCHOTT Duran glass + Bonus Wooden Stirring Spoon (with Coffee Filter, 32 oz)

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0/5 on March 12, 2018

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Material Type:with Coffee Filter  |  Size:32 oz

With glistening stainless steel, shimmering copper, and crystal clear glass, Espro French Press Coffee Makers have added style and class to the kitchen while providing a great cup of coffee for years. The newest version of the Espro Press, the Espro P3, now offers a plastic cage around the glass carafe. This version of the classic French press brewer is a less expensive option for those on tight budgets, while still maintaining the high standard of Espro quality that consumers expect.

The Espro P3 French press coffee maker offers many of the same features as the more upscale models. The safe, durable Safety Lock glass carafe of the P3 is identical to that of the P5 model. The double micro-filter is exactly like the one used in the P7 model. The insulated lid holds in the heat, and option of paper filters provide a French press coffee experience like no other.

A major feature that sets Espro French presses apart from other French presses is the patent-pending design of the filter. This filter is considered 9 to 12 times more fine than the typical French press filter, removing all of the grit and leaving nothing in your coffee cup but the amazing flavor of your favorite gourmet coffee. Espro presses have a unique double filter design. The two fine filters snap together to keep the sediment and grounds trapped in the bottom of the brewer. You can even use optional paper filters to ensure that your coffee is exactly the way that you want it.