Decorating Your Own Coffee Mug

Decorations are an important part that reflects your creativity and art. If you are creative, you can decorate anything you want. From mega projects to small DIY projects, the focus must be on the details to reflect the perfectionist design you are aiming for.

Here is a fun DIY project that you can try right away. Take a coffee mug and start decorating it! How? There are many ways to do that. It would really help you in getting the mug as per your own design requirements. 

Types of Mugs

Before we move on to how to decorate a coffee mug, it is better to understand that there are two types of cups which can be easily decorated. There can either be a glass mug or a ceramic mug. A glass mug gives away the shine and smooth surface which allows you to create any design easily. Moreover, if you are using any shiny materials in your decoration process, a glass mug will be the best for it because it gives away a high reflection. 

On the other hand, there are ceramic mugs as well which don’t give away much shine but there are better options for decoration such as with the help of acrylic paint or an etching medium. We recommend using acrylic paints because they are way safer than the etching mediums.

A simple glass mug that can be decorated

There are different ways to have your mug decorated. 

  • Adhesive Vinyl
  • Gold Leaf
  • Glitter Paper
  • Baking Clay
  • Nail Polish
  • Stickers
  • Paint Drip

Adhesive Vinyl Decoration

The adhesive vinyl is a thin flexible material that is commonly used for decoration purposes on different types of surfaces. They are pressure sensitive which is why they can be easily applied on mugs. If you want to decorate your mug, simply cut some adhesive vinyl in random shapes or similar shapes, and apply it to the cup. You can easily get your favorite colors as well. Don’t worry! Most of them are waterproof and will not fall off even if you wash the mug many times. 

Gold Leaf Decoration

If we talk about something that requires more care and precision, it will be the Gold Leaf decoration because it is made out of very soft paper that makes it very delicate and breakable. The gold leaf is commonly used for dressing a dessert but in this case, we will use it for a coffee mug decoration. 

You will need a paintbrush and mod podge for this decoration. Simply use a paintbrush to add streaks of mod podge from the bottom to the halfway of the mug. The next step is to carefully tear down the gold leaf into smaller pieces and use the clean brush to sprinkle it on the mug. Allow it to dry for a while then you can use the brush to remove any gold flakes that you do not want. 

That’s it! Your glistening cup of coffee is ready. Be sure to handle with care and don’t let it in a dishwasher because this may cause the gold flakes to fall off. Go for hand wash with care. 

Glitter Paper

If you want that shiny look but don’t want to go into much hassle of a gold leaf, you can use glitter paper. The glitter paper is usually found out in A4 Sizes and you can get as many as you want. Assorted colors are present in different types of packaging. 

Try making a smiley face by cutting the glitter paper accordingly. There are plenty of adhesive glitter papers available that can stick to your cup instantly. The best part about this decoration is that you can quickly change and get a new decoration every few days with no major costs. Though the glitter paper has a strong adhesive, it is still recommended to go for a hand-wash so that there is no chance of it getting off. 

Baking Clay

It can be a temporary but fun DIY project to decorate your mug with baking clay. One of the greatest ideas can be to make a 3D rainbow on your mug. All you need to do is use the oven to bake some clay and make a rainbow out of the colors. You can get them into thin rolls to the height of your mug and then apply them to the mug.  

It looks really good but most people who tried it were not able to have the clay applied for long. For this reason, you should buy a high-quality baking clay that sticks to the surface permanently. 

A rainbow out of baked clay could suit very well even on the dark-colored mugs

Nail Polish

Decorating a mug is so easy that you can simply do it from the common accessories available to you at your home. The Nail Polish is one of the items that will do the job. If you are looking for something permanent, yet it can be removed whenever you want to, the nail polish trick will work right away. 

Fill a bowl with mildly warm water and add multiple colors of nail polish to it. Mix the colors well. Once this is done, you can pour the mug into the bowl and the nail polish abstract color will come on it. The best part about this type of decoration is that it always creates a unique abstract design that could give a very great look to your mug. Make sure you don’t wipe the mug right after you apply the nail polish mixture. Let it dry itself. 

A well-decorated mug with tea.


Painting can be one of the easiest and most creative things to do when it comes to decorating a coffee mug. You would need acrylic paint for that. There are several ways to create awesome designs. Keep the cup upside down and pour any of your two to three favorite colors on the mug. This will create long layered lines. 

Allow the mug to dry for a while and then you can use it. If you use acrylic paints, you will see that the paint won’t fade even with a dishwasher. 

Where to Buy
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Tinzonc Permanent Adhesive Backed Vinyl 58 Sheets(12''x12'')- 41 Assorted Colors Self Craft Adhesive Vinyl Paper for Cutters-Sticker Vinyl Bundle(58 Sheets)
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Important Supplies You Will Need

The supplies are more important than the type of mug because if you don’t get the right items for decoration, your whole project will be ruined. You can easily get all of them from your nearby store or even from 

Acrylic Paint Set 30 Colors Acrylic Paints in Tubes

We know that just a single color will restrict you from being creative which is why this 30 color Acrylic Paint is our recommendation. Many people may feel whether these are safe or not but don’t worry! They have been made out of non-toxic and eco-friendly material, so you don’t have any problems in applying them to the mug. 

These color paints can be used for different types of DIY projects. With vibrant colors, they will surely last for a long and produce consistency throughout your projects. Painting a mug will get easy with these acrylic paints as they come in easy-to-use soft tubes.

A ceramic mug with acrylic paint on it

Tinzonc Permanent Adhesive Backed Vinyl 58 Sheets

Getting the right adhesive vinyl becomes a problem because the substandard ones don’t stay on the surface for long. Fortunately, this Amazon’s Choice product is what you need for decorating the coffee mug. Made with High-end plastic, it will surely work for 3 to 5 years on the mugs. 

The best thing is that you get 58 sheets with assorted colors so you can have any decoration like you want on the coffee mug. You can use a vinyl cutter or some strong scissors to cut the vinyl just like you want. With PE liner, there is much ease in the cutting of the vinyl like you want. 

KINNO Gilding Flakes

A gold leaf is available almost at every good store but what we rarely find is a combo deal that gives you better value for money. This one has pre-cut flakes in three different colors, so you have the choice of maximum customization. There are three bottles with gold, silver, and copper-colored flakes.

Customize a mug or any other dish at your home and they will work perfectly fine. Keep in mind that they are non-edible so you shouldn’t use them with food. Bring your inner artist with these unique flakes. 


The above mentioned are just plain ideas on how to decorate your mug. It is now up to you as to how well you present your artistry to decorate the coffee mug. We recommend that you try to hand wash these decorated coffee mugs, especially for the first two times so that you have an idea of whether they will fall off or not. Impress others with a unique mug set!

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