Creative Ways to Add Extra Flavor to Your Coffee

Coffee is probably one of the best beverages in the world for a lot of people. In fact, many people’s mornings would not be complete without having a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. Black coffee is great, but many of us even love coffee with different sweeteners and creamers. However, even if you genuinely enjoy the taste of coffee, there are probably moments when it gets a bit monotonous, and you start to look for different flavors.

If you are looking into expanding your horizons when it comes to drinking coffee by adding other flavors and spices, you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving you some of the best ingredients that you can add to your coffee. This way, you’ll be able to discover more interesting coffee combinations that will pleasure your tastebuds and keep you wanting more. Here are the most creative ways to add extra flavor to your coffee.

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1. Add some vanilla extract.

If you love to drink creamy coffee, but you’re not a fan of the added calories from creamers and sugar, then the easiest way is to add some vanilla extract to your coffee. A little of this ingredient can go a long way.

During the brewing process, add one vanilla bean to your coffee grounds for the best results. Keep in mind that the longer the bean is mixed with the grounds, the stronger the vanilla flavor will be. However, if you do not have any vanilla beans, you can also use vanilla extracts from supermarkets. Just add two to three drops of it to the potor even one small drop to your freshly brewed cup of coffee.

If you are buying vanilla extract, make sure you are getting the real thing with no imitation flavoring. Here are some that you might want to try:

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2. Spice up your coffee with some cinnamon.

a cup of coffee with two cinnamon sticks on top

One of the easiest ways to add spice to your cup of joe is by adding cinnamon to it. Aside from cutting the calories and adding a punchy sweetness to your coffee, it can also help boost the immune system, as it has one of the highest antioxidant contents of any spice in the world. In addition to that, it can also help lower blood sugar levels.

You can add one cinnamon stick to your pot of coffee when you brew it so that it will extract all the wonderful flavor. You can also add a dash of cinnamon to a single cup of coffee. If you are thinking of buying cinnamon sticks or ground cinnamon, here are some of the best you can try:

3. Add butter to your coffee for energy.

Putting butter in coffee has been popular for those who are on a paleo diet. The idea is that the buttery mix helps burn more fat as it gives the body quick energy that will, in turn, use and burn. Once the body is in fat-burning mode, it will take on all the stored fat, too. However, if you are going to try this, the type of butter you are going to use also matters. Make sure that you will be using grass-fed and antioxidant-rich butter.

4. Make your cup of coffee more fun with a scoop of ice cream.

pouring coffee on ice cream

Adding a scoop of ice cream to your coffee will add some calories, but it can definitely enhance its taste. Coffee and ice cream are not that new, especially in Germany, with their Eiskaffee, which is a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream with hot coffee poured on top. But at home, you can try whatever ice cream flavor you think would make your coffee more delicious.

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5. Sprinkle some cardamom into your coffee.

a piece of cardamom with a bunch of coffee beans

Cardamom is a common spice used in the Middle East with coffee, but it is not very popular in the United States. It has a flavor that is exotic and similar to ginger. This means that it can make your cup of coffee obtain a unique flavor when used properly. This spice also has a lot of health benefits, such as being rich in fiber and can improve your blood circulation.

Simply sprinkle a pink or two of cardamom into a freshly brewed cup of coffee. You can also add a few whole cardamom seeds to your coffee beans before you grind them for brewing. Here are some of the best cardamom powder you can buy online:

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6. Add a hint of earthiness to your coffee with nutmeg.

If you want your morning brew to have a hint of earthiness, then you can consider adding nutmeg. The taste of nutmeg is slightly sweet, which will delight your earthy taste buds. It can also make your coffee smell sweeter too.

A dash of nutmeg is often perfect for a regular cup of coffee. But you can also experiment to find the perfect mixture for your senses. Here are some of the best nutmeg powder you can find today:

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7. Make your coffee a bit spicy with ginger.

If you are unable to find cardamom, you can also try adding ginger to your coffee, which has a similar taste. If you like the taste of gingerbread, then you’ll surely love it in your coffee. It can turn your coffee into a unique, seasonal drink.

Before brewing, you can add a few slices of ginger to your coffee grounds. If you do not have any fresh ginger around, you can also add one or two tablespoons of ginger powder. Here are some of the best ginger powder you can try:

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8. Make your coffee more relaxing by adding some lavender.

coffee beans with lavender

Adding lavender to your coffee gives it a very floral taste. It is perfect for bright and citrus brews, giving your coffee a more springtime seasonal twist. All you need to do is sprinkle some dried lavender into your coffee grinder and then add your coffee. However, be careful not to add too much lavender as it can make your coffee taste soapy.

Here are some of the best-dried lavender you can try:

9. Have a refreshing cup of coffee by adding peppermint oil.

If you want to feel like it’s a holiday every day, then you can make some peppermint coffee at home. Peppermint is an herb that is a favorite flavor of a lot of people in the world. To add it to your coffee, you can use some peppermint oil extract. Just add a few drops of it to your coffee pot during the brewing process. However, only put a little amount as it can overtake the flavor of your coffee no matter how rich the coffee beans are.

Here are some of the best peppermint oil you can buy:

10. Make a Scandinavian-style coffee by adding an egg to it.

a cup of coffee and an egg

You can add a raw egg to your coffee grounds and a bit of water to make a thick mixture. After that, pour the mixture into a pot with more water and boil it for about three minutes. Then, pour the coffee through a strainer to catch all the grounds and egg particles. What will be left is a surprisingly mild, amber-toned coffee. The great thing is that it is less bitter and rich in nutrients.

These are some of the creative ways to add extra flavor to coffee. Therefore, if you are tired of the same cup of coffee each morning, maybe it’s time to try some of the items on this list and start your day with a unique cup of coffee.