Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

This is the coffee machine whoever wants to taste the real flavor of the coffee. The price of this machine may be bit higher but it offers distinguished features in return to this. The pump of this coffee machine is of 15 Bar and it is the Italian origin (gives the sufficient amount of pumping). The operation of this machine is done on 1600 watts of thermo coil heating system (the power rating is higher though but it is the requirement of such heavy duty machine).

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine


There is one unique feature or function of this machine which you will not find anywhere else and this is the “Purge function”. What it actually does is that the temperature of the water is automatically set to the optimum level and it gives the ideal temperature for your espresso. The grinder in this machine is burr grinder and it provides the uniform grinding of the coffee. Most of the structure of the machine has been built up with the stainless steel (which defines its reliability).

Not to forget the sealed bean hopper attached with this machine as well. Another great thing about this breville BES870XL is that it has the large capacity water tank of around 2 liters and the handling of this tank is also quite easy as the carrier is given in this. This machine is actually the latest model of the breville series and probably one of the best amongst all of them. The quality of the coffee in this machine is out of any question as uniform brewing gives the better taste and the freshness of the coffee remains longer than usual.

This machine has truly solved the problem of espresso lover as it is quick, easy to handle and on top of it all it is under the manageable budget as well. So this one is recommended for anyone who wants to buy a coffee machine for making espresso not only for their home but also for the office/workplace, this will definitely prove to be the beneficial thing.


There are so many sophisticated techniques used in this machine to give you the better experience. To start with integrated conical burr grinder aims to provide you the equal grinding of the coffee and let alone this single feature will affect the flavor of the coffee. The grinding size can also be selected manually as it goes something like fine grind or coarse grind whatever you like. There is another unique indicator included in this machine and that says “Clean me light” as it indicates that your machine now needs cleaning. With auto purge function and the removable drip tray this machine has got so many things to like.


The size and the weight of this machine are somehow difficult to manage at times and it is not at all the carrying machine. And another thing is the power rating which is quite high but in return gives the best performance. So it is kind of the tradeoff between these two.


This is one of the best machines without any doubt no matter if you will have to spend some extra amount of money on it but the experience of the coffee will be great.  Before buying, do you want to check a comparison of Barista Express? If yes then check Breville Barista Pro vs Express.