Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker and Tea Infuser with Spout – 1.0L / 34oz Ovalware RJ3 Brewing Glass Carafe with Removable Stainless Steel Filter


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Product Description


Product Description

RJ3 Cold Brew Maker 1.0L

Cold brewing makes coffee less acidic and smoother in taste than traditional hot brewing, providing you with a purer, healthier coffee concentrate.
Designed for the ultimate cold-brewing experience, our dishwasher-safe, BPA-free RJ3 Cold Brewer locks freshness and flavor for up to 2 weeks within durable extra-thick glass for maximum temperature stability. Flexible for brewing hot or cold, tea or coffee, within a sleek design engineered to fit perfectly in your fridge.

Ovalware’s Mission

Our team here at Ovalware is on a quest to bring out the best from your coffee beans. We value the simplicity of coffee making and the beauty and pleasure of manually brewing your own cup of coffee.

The word “oval” stands for the potential of perfection we see in every bean. Our wares are engineered to realize and deliver this perfection to you. From the convenience of home. You don’t have to be a professional Barista – we’ll be there for you along every step.

 Ovalware’s Mission

1. 18/8 Stainless Steel Filter & Cap
Rust will never be a problem.

2. BPA-Free Silicon Airtight Seal
Leak-proof lid locks in flavor for up to 2 weeks, and protects your brew from fridge odors.

3. Access Handle
For smooth pouring.

4. Measurement Label
Precision is key, in science and art. For precise pouring.

5. Dishwasher-Safe Glass Built To Last
Extra thick borosilicate glass for durability and temperature stability.

6. Perfect Fridge Shelf Height