10 Best Manual Coffee Grinder Reviews

Manual Coffee Grinders

Manual Coffee GrindersCoffee is the essential part of any house or office. It is important to have a coffee grinder and in that the manual one is much better option. The manual coffee grinders have many advantages over the electric grinders. The biggest advantage is the price. The hand coffee grinder is available at the best prices and they give equal consistency as that of the electric ones.

The manual coffee grander is quiet in comparison with the electric ones. Thus it is the best choice if you are an early riser as it won’t be able to wake up anyone else. The grinder is simple and it is reliable as well. Its simplicity proves that it will last for longer time as compared to the electric ones and it reduces the electricity consumption. They are small in size thus making it possible to carry them along with you while travelling. It gives the fast grinding.

Best Manual Coffee Grinders


1. iCooker Manual Coffee Grinder Maker

This is the coffee grinder which gives the fast grinding feature. It gives the best experience for grinding. It is crafted with excellence and thus it allows the precision. No sticking is observed and the grinder is easy to use. The grinder has the stainless look and it is also elegant. It has the dark color which suits the modern kitchen. This grinder is easy to take with you while travelling it is handheld and highly portable. It is of top quality and it is for those who wish to have coffee every time. It gives lifetime guarantee and you can save money.

2. Brillante Manual Coffee Grinder

This is the grinder which is consistent and it can be adjusted as per need. The grinder gets adjusted with the different brewing methods like the French press, espresso, etc. The taste and consistency is maintained in all the cases. The grinding with this machine is highly fast. It is for those who wish to have their grinder to be quiet. It is quiet as compared to the electric one. It is very easy to use and the grinder is slim thus making it easy for gripping. It is much better than other grinders as the ease of use is provided by it.

3. Most Consistent Hand Coffee Grinder & Coffee Press

This is the grinder which is considered to be the professional one. The high quality material is used in the grinder and the stainless steel is used. The crank is extra long in size and the grinder is completely rust free. The grinder is small in size and it is light weight. This makes it easy to travel and keep this grinder together. It does not make much noise and it is highly portable. The grinder is easy to use and it can get adjusted with any size of coffee beans. It is fast grinder and it gives consistent result every time.

4. Hario “Canister” Ceramic Coffee Mill

This is the Hario grinder which is the answer to the old fashioned grinder. This word Hario means the king of the glass and this product is well known throughout the world for its quality. This is the grinder which is for those who love to get the grip while using the grinder. This grinder is having the rubber which makes it easy to keep the grip and makes the bottom the non slippery one. The capacity of this grinder is 120 gram which is a good quantity and it can serve well. The grinder is easy to use and it is easy to clean as well. This grinder is designed specially and imported from Japan.

5. Premium Ceramic Burr Manual Coffee Grinder

This is the grinder which is specially designed for those who love to have precision. The grinder is crafted with the precision and with the excellence. The grinder is easy to use and it has no sticking. The grinder is made such that it is compatible with Aeropress. This means that it can get fit into the Aeropress and it can be taken with us while travelling. This grinder is adjustable and there is no need to unscrew for adjusting the size. You can simply turn the knob and adjust it with any size of brand. The grinder is made of stainless steel and it is portable.

6. Bru Joy Portable Coffee Grinder Manual, Spices Miller, Ceramic Burr Stainless Steel, Aeropress Compatible


This is the grinder which is considered to be for the professionals. It is built with the ceramic material and it is rust free and it is completely easy to adjust with different grind size. The body of the grinder is made with the stainless steel and it has the elegant silver. The grind is consistent and it is precise. This is designed to produce the best experience with grounding. There are many selections for the grinder. You can use it with the espresso and also with the French press. The grinder is easy to adjust and it is also easy to use. This grinder is portable and it has the unique design.

7. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Bean Grinder with Adjustable Settings – Patented Conical Burr Grinder for Coffee Beans

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Bean Grinder-jpeg

This is the grinder which is of superior quality. This is the manual grinder which is designed such that it gives precision because of the stainless steel used. It is able to give best performance and it is highly durable grinder. And what makes this grinder one of a kind is that it features more than 18 manual grind settings to make sure you will get the perfect coarseness of your grind. This grinder has the smooth grind provided and this makes it perfect. It is adjustable and it can grind consistently. The steering performance is great. It is for those who wish to carry their personal things while travelling.

8. Memorial Day Sale Manual Coffee Grinder

This is the grinder which can prove to be the best gift to be given. This grinder is smooth and it is also consistent. It is strong enough to handle all types of coffee size. The coffee grinder will be able to provide you with the precise and consistent grind each and every time you use it. It is rust free and the ceramic burrs are used in the grinders thus making it more durable. The wear life is long of this grinder and it is consistent. The grind from French press to the espresso can be done in this grinder.

9. Hario Coffee Mill Slim Grinder, Mini

This is the grinder for those who are always conscious about storing the things this grinder though has the handle but it is good that when the grinder is not used the handle can be detached from the grinder. This makes it easy to store the grinder. The grinder is very much easy to clean and use as well. The grinder is considered to be the one which saves space and which has the slim design. The grinder is made of ceramic mill and the design of the grinder is quite sleek and slim which makes it easy to store. It is the simple kind of grinder which is used commonly.

10. Manual Coffee Grinder, HOMETEK Premium Ceramic Burr Spice Mill


This is the grinder which is consistent with grinds and it is adjustable as well. The ceramic burr is used which helps you to get the control over grind. The grinding process is performed such that no heating takes place in the grinder. This helps in keeping the flavor of coffee. The adjusting of the coffee beans can be done easily like the French beans and the espresso as well. The size of beans does not matter. The grinder is compact and it is designed for Aeropress. The grinder is portable. It is helpful to take the grinder while going for camping and trekking.

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The manual coffee grinder is good to use in daily times and the best coffee grinders are listed above. All of the grinders listed have the similar characteristics of portability, grinding all sizes with consistency and maintaining the flavor of coffee. The only thing in which they differ is the style and the design.